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    Default Durabak Deck Coating Appied

    The Durabak coating has been applied to the inner deck. Excellent product.

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    Cool pics! I was just given a "free" J12 It was flipped in a minor incident, the console, engine and fore deck took a hit. Everyone was safe...
    when my friend moved he gave me the option to move his boat before he gave it away...

    My plan is to make it into a tiller steered skiff ( I have a Yama 8 four FS) . I have a seat, fore deck and considering a new small aft deck.
    at this time, it does not seem heavy (it was stowed upright against a wall)

    anyway, I plan to take pics and show my little rebuild, of course in a new thread!!!! (sorry for the mini hijack)

    Miami, FL
    PS looking for a small aft deck if anyone has one!

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