13th unlucky for some Rock - Sandy Point w pics
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    Default 13th unlucky for some Rock - Sandy Point w pics

    The 13th is considered unlucky to some but today we had very good luck. My dad, fellow TFer Drichitt (Don) and I fished today from Sandy Point. Forecast was for small craft warning ariound 1:00 but it was flat as we left the inlet. Weatherman must own a Parker .

    Sun was up and we ran past Sandy Point light about 7:30 am. Saw the crab pot floats almost under due to a strong outgoing current. Ran up near Baltimore light and put over 6 rods - all with silver Tony #15's. 6 ozs at 120 and 100 feet , 10 ozs at 80 and 12 at 60 plus two downriggers at 15 and 20. We zig zagged on/off the channel edge and had the first hit about 15 minutes into the morning. My dad is 82 years old but beat us to the rod. The fish pulled good and gave him a good fight.

    Don netted it and it was 29 inches - nice start to the day. It hit the 80 foot line.

    We had hardly opened the donut box when another rod bounced. I took a turn and reeled in what looked to be a mini Blue. Funny surprise - it was about an 8 inch White Perch.

    Luckily they only teased me about two hours . We stayed on a nice pocket of fish and bait and circled it. Don got the next fish - it crushed the 60 foot line. He had his hands full and soon we saw a nice fat 30 incher behind the boat. My dad did a great netting job - here's where some good luck comes in.

    We saw the hook of the Tony was bent into an L shape - no idea how it held the fish.

    This Tony is only three trips old - these new ones have cheap hooks. We replaced it with one 10 years old - the hook is much stronger. My dad got the next fish - another fat one about 31 inches. Again - pure luck getting it in with a bent hook.

    We had three over 28 so we worked into water a little shallower - hoping for the under ones. Good luck followed us and we got three about 22-24 inches. Had some trouble with sea grass getting on the lures - paid to check the lines often. We saw a lot of new boats running by - figured they are going to the Annapolis boat show.

    Only had 3-4 other boats near us - none really were close. We trolled back to Sandy Point light and then headed home - well ahead of the approaching wind. Got home and cleaned the fish as the wind picked up. We were impressed by the girth of the fish - really good looking fall fish. Cleaning the boat was tough as falling leaves came in as fast as we could throw them out. For an unlucky day - we did pretty good.
    They say that life's a carousel - spinning fast, you've got to ride it well.

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    Very nice, Skip!

    Amazing how they can sell those lures with such cheap hooks. Glad they didn't cost you a nice fish.

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    Awesome report Skip! Unbeliebable on the hook problems. I hope to have the problem of having a big fish on to see if my tony hooks will hold. Keep it up!

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