Ford F150 Truck Series Thread
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    Post Ford F150 Truck Series Thread

    This thread is to talk about the pros and cons of the Ford F150
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    I tow with a 2008 F150 Limited with a 5.4 liter. I usually tow a 28' Center Console on a tri axle 12,500 trailer. Also tow a 2 axle cargo trailer with up to 2 motorcylces or a 4 wheeler and lots of hunting gear. The truck handles both very well. I have towed the boat from massachusetts down as far as Norfolk, VA. I live on the Eastern Shore of MD. Never had a minutes problem but would feel better with a bigger truck on the steeper grades. I tow the boat about 30 miles every weekend on flat terrain with 0 issues. I tow the cargo trailer up to 140 miles weekly during hunting season with no issues either. I have always had F150s and have never had an issue as long as I towed in the guidelines. Ford has always provided good customer service as well.

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    I run a 2002 F-150 W/ the 5.4 L-----have had problems with a plug blowing out of the head!!! pretty common from what a found after the fact....also have been thru 3 coil packs in 2 years Truch has 135000 miles on it now and the fuel consumption is down to about 13 MPG....Think ist time to trade out:(

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