Ford F250 Truck Series Thread
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    Post Ford F250 Truck Series Thread

    This thread is to talk about the pros and cons of the Ford F250 series for towing

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    I have a 2010 F-250, 4x4, super cab, 8' bed, 6.4 litre deisel. 10k miles on it so far. get about 15 mpg. I tow a tractor-loader-backhoe (about 10k pounds). This think tows like a champ!

    Mine is set up with the tow package which included a built in trailer brake controller. While in tow mode, the truck will lock up the torque converter and uses the transmission to help slow down the truck while braking. This is a nice feature and will help your brakes last a little longer.

    My previous ride was a 2000 Excursion with the 7.3 litre. Gave it to my son with 206,000 miles on it. It is still running strong. The only problem with the 7.3 litre was the cam sensor. The cam sensor is used for timing the injectors - no signal, no injection, engine dies. Let me tell you there is nothing scarier the coming down a hill towing 10k pounds and the engine dies! No power brakes and no power steering. Ford finaly issued a recall and fixed this issue.

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    I bought a 97 F250xlt crew cab 4x4 with 7.3 for 10g had it 3years & love it my buddy went to Miller Ford about a year and a half ago and bought a 2005 F250 Lariot crew cab w/8' bed for 16k and loves it they are both rated for 12,500 towing. I pull a 28' Seamaster around 11k loaded it does great mileage is around 19.5 highway and 15mpg towing. Miller ford seems to keep a large selection.

    The F250&350 single rear wheel have the same towing capacity 12,500lb the dual wheel F350 will handle a heavier tongue weight and will handle sway due to more rubber on the road.

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    I have a 2006 F-250 Supercrew with 6.4 litre diesel and 98,000 miles. I absolutely love the truck and it pulls my 26' boat like a champ. I get 16-16 MPG when towing.

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    Mine is a 1997 F250 2wd supercab with the 5.7l gas engine that I bought new. It now has 120k miles on it and has been very reliable. I have used to to tow a 33' travel trailer, 17' center console boat and 25' cuddy with hard top. With the travel trailer I averaged 11 mpg. Towing my center console I get 14 mpg and towing the Sportcraft 252 I get 10 mpg. Never had any problems at any of the ramps I have used - most recently at Somers Cove in Crisfield last week with the 25' cuddy. Handles all towing jobs just as it should. When driving with nothing in tow I get around 18 mpg.

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    Mine is a 1997 Ford F250 HD 4x4 XLT Supercab 5.8 gas E4OD trans, purchased new in 1996, 245,000 miles,,original engine, original transmission, my tow vehicle, I usually tow & launch 75-100 days a year,
    other than regular mtce, tires brakes & batt

    new brake lines (old ones rusted away from too much salt)
    1 new gas tank, truck has 2 tanks (rear tank rusted through probably from too much salt)
    3 front end rebuilds (ball joints usually only lasted 75,00 mi,) most ball joints that I find for this vehicle are Permantly lubricated?? no place to grease them
    2 exhaust manifolds(1 cracked) (1 came loose because bolts rusted off)
    still used daily 10-12 MPG towing 15 on highway

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    I have a 2008, F-250, Super Cab Lariat, 6.4 Litre Diesel, 4 Wheel Drive, Short Bed
    35,000 miles so far without an issue

    - Appearance - good looking truck
    - Interior - Very nice, comfortable and roomy - not cheap or "plastic-ky" feeling
    - Power - Tons of torque, defintely not hurting in the power department, easily pulls a 27 Judge pilot house boat
    - Ride - Good for a 3/4 ton - you still know it's a truck but my fillings are still in place

    - ~15-17 mpg (avg at 65 mph)
    - If you were to take it to the Ford dealer - an oil change would be ~$180 every 5000 miles
    - Back seat pretty small - it's a Super Cab, a door and a half, not a true 4 door - wish it was!
    - Stock tires (Conntinentals I believe) suck - no traction in the snow: anxious for them to wear out so I can put some good ones on it
    - 30 gallon fuel tank - I would expect something larger on a 3/4 ton diesel

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    I have a 2002 7.3 crew cab, long bed, 4x4 lariat. I have over 200K on the truck and love it. Bought it used with 20K years ago a month before the fuel prices shot up, and other than a couple batteries and an altenator have had no troubles at all. I run the Nitto terra graplers on it and the ride improved over the stock tires 10 fold. I have a leveling kit, Dick Cepek rims, 5" gibson exhaust, and run a SCT programmer. I get 17hwy and have gotten as high as 24.5 on a long trip. Pulling 4-6K lbs i still get around 14-15 depending on lights and traffic. Towing on the highway i can get 17mpg. Comfortable and dependable truck. Glad i have the 7.3 though.

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    Mines a 1978 2wd F250.. that's right, 78. Big block, 4 speed manual. Edelbrock torquer intake, 650 edelbrock Carb, mild cam. No idea of miles, but its alot. Truck is in wonderful shape, no rust, HEAVY sheetmetal.
    Pros? Tuff looking truck, especially in her new black paint. Strong.. I believe she'd pull hell to the surface.
    Cons? Wish it was a 5 speed, and she loves her fuel.

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    2011 F250 crew cab Lariat, 6.2 gasser.

    Absolutely love the truck. Drives like a dream and tows my 26 Southport with ease. Gas mileage not so good though.

    I average about 13mpg, mixed use, mostly city. I drive pretty heavy footed though.
    8mpg while towing my boat. Beats the 1.5mpg my boat gets I suppose.

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