For you old time drag racers
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    Default For you old time drag racers

    Bill "Grunpy" Jenkins, famed drag race mechanic and driver/car owner has passed away at 81 yrs. of age. Will never forget those Ammon R. Smith "old Reliable" Chevys driven by The late Dave Strckler and wrenched by Jenkins.

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ID:	58439 I'm an old drag race fan and that is sad news! Bunny is getting old too!..................Gary

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    Yea, he lived very close to where I am. He built motors up to the day he died.

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    I remember going to Ollie's Berwyn Sunoco for gas with my Dad. It was probably '68-'70 time frame. There was this guy working on a hot rod in the garage - little did I know. Think it was a Chevy II but not positive.

    I worked at K&G Speed Shop for about 7 years. My paycheck pretty much consisted of parts for my 68 Camaro. I met Grump and some of the other guys around the shop. About the time I was finishing up college. Joe LaPone was driving the Jenkin’s Pro Stocker. I knew Joe from around K&G and actually bought a few parts from him that he ran on his C/SM Camaro.

    One day I come home and my Mom says some man named Bill Jenkins had called the house wanting to talk with me. I'm like - WHATTTT?! I got a hold of him and went to his shop one evening. Joe or Chris Gans (owner of K&G Speed) must have given him my name as a possible person to help him out in the shop. I had some machining experience from my stent at Philly Gear and a couple of other shops.

    I guess it was sort of an interview. Joe handed me a box of large coffee can sized pistons and said "Bill wants you to add some piston ring grooves on these". So on this old beater lathe I chucked them up and proceeded to add the grooves. Afterwards we had some discussion about helping out there. Well since I was finishing college I had aspirations of Corporate America. Pretty much said I wanted to help out but not in a full time manner - I think I had just gotten an offer to work for Bethlehem Steel's Home Research Labs. That was it - -just felt like sharing my moment. RIP - Bill

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    Lived a good life...

    Justin Hart
    Malibu 12.5 Pro-Explorer

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    In my younger days before my kids came along, I had a '70 Chevy Nova, full frame & roll cage, LT1 350, 370HP in it, 411 gears, M22 trans. I probably read everything that Bill Jenkins wrote, or was written about him. I thought he was the coolest guy in the world back in those days. Darn, I just realized how old this makes me feel!

    R.I.P. Grumpy!

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