Bonita Springs report oct. 19th.
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    Default Bonita Springs report oct. 19th.

    Yesterday I fished Lovers key state park located between Bonita Springs and Fort Myers Beach.
    I walked on the beach at low tide, the water was clear and schools of mullet where moving along the beach.

    Mulletschool along the beach.

    The skies where clear blue so I could easily spot all the fish that where moving through the Gulf.
    A school of larger fast moving fish meant only one thing to me, Jack Crevalle.
    I threw a fly in front of the school and after just one strip a big fish was racing out into the Gulf.
    The Jack gave me quite a workout but after some time I managed to get the fish onto the beach.

    Jack Crevalle.

    I made my way to New Pass to have a go at the Snook in the pass.
    The tide was still going in when I arrived at the pass.

    New pass

    I had no succses fishing the pass for Snook.
    I guessed I should have taken a sinking line with me to get the fly deeper near the bottom of the pass.
    At one of the sunken trees I saw a school of Snapper hanging out at the branches.
    I replaced the EP mullet with a black clouser minnow.
    When I retrieved the fly close to the tree the whole school came
    chasing after the fly and one fish decided to take it.

    Mangrove snapper.

    After catching two more Snappers the fish had wised up and would only follow the fly.
    I tried many different patterns in the hope to coax another snapper into taking the fly but they did not fell for it.
    In the mean time schools of Mullet where moving out of the pass.

    Mullet heading for the open Gulf.

    Clouds appeared in the sky and it looked like a heavy downpour was immenent.
    I slowly headed back to the paviljons of the park.

    Rain in the sky.

    I fished the mangrove creeks at the inside when the tide was going in.
    The rains started, I took a look at the shores to the south and saw a rainband approaching.
    It was time to scramble for cover and within minutes I was safely sitting at the paviljons in the parks interior.
    When the rains subsided I slowly ventured out to the beach again.
    There was not much wind and the inland areas where still covered with thunderclouds.

    After the rains.

    I went to New pass again and came along some pretty big
    sheepshead that where moving about the sunken trees.
    Off course I tossed a fly near those fish but they would just ignore the flies.


    I saw a couple of Snook along the beach at high tide.
    Only one Snook took interest in a black clouser minnow and briefly followed the fly towards shore.
    A second cast resulted in a take but I missed the fish.
    The pass did not yield anymore Snapper or other fish for me.
    I decided to head back to the beach and encountered large schools of mullet.
    When I saw skipjacks aka leatherjackets jumping I started fishing and soon was into a ladyfish.

    Small Ladyfish.

    The beach was full of bait but there where not many predators around.
    There where no hunting dolphins, jacks or pelicans to be seen.
    One our before sunset I once again encountered a passing schools of big Jack Crevalle.
    I made a miscalculation about the speed the fish where moving at and landed the fly on top of them instead of in front.
    It looked like the school spooked but one fish nailed the fly almost instantly.
    I had changed the fly just a few minutes before and was fishing a small version of the EP mullet.
    I had hooked into a big Jack, the line was racing out towards the open Gulf.
    To my surprise the fish did not stop as it ran parallel to the shore.
    Pretty soon the flyline was out and the backing was moving out in a fast pace.
    I started running along the beach while gaining line on the fish.
    The fish was heading straight for the only guy swimming at that moment so I put extra pressure on the fish to keep it away from any possible snags.
    I gained the upper hand on the fish before it could reach any of the sunken trees at the end of the beach.

    Jack Crevalle, my biggest one jet.

    So despite the lack of Snook I did pretty well on this day.
    I guess the last Jack was probably my biggest yet and the first fish on this trip that went in to the backing.
    On my way out to the park I made a picture of the sunset.


    With hurricane Wilma heading right to my place of stay I gathered that the sun would not show its face for the next few days so a picture was in place.
    I am lucky I met up with the EA folks since I will tag along with them in case of an evacuation.

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    Default Bonita Springs report oct. 19th.

    Thanks for yet another great post Marcel. That last jack is awesome. I wish we had them up here in the Chesapeake. They're one of my favorite fish.

    Good luck with Wilma.


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    Default Bonita Springs report oct. 19th.

    I think the reason those sheepshead ignored your flies is because they were boxfish. That pic you took sure looks like that to me. Good job on the ladies and jacks though. I used to fish that area for mango's all the time when I was in grad school down there. Tons of them. Great eating too.

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    Default Bonita Springs report oct. 19th.

    What Capt. Gordon said: "boxfish" is correct ... at first glance the
    vertical stripes do look somewhat like a sheepshead.

    Boxfish will eat a fly ... but you'd have to tie one on a #8 hook.

    Those Jacks are handsome fish !! Possibly my favorite on fly.

    I hope the storm does not cut things short for you ... you've done
    some great fishing so far.

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    This is a great post.

    Love the sight of these Jacks. I love them a lot. This is just another thread making me feel even more pumped up to get on a fishing expedition soon again. It's all making my learning experience even better. Also looking to get a really nice fly reel and this is one of the websites I checked. Is there any you would recommend for me?

    Last edited by Sating54; 08-05-2020 at 05:24 AM.

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