How to for lever drag reels - striper eeling?
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    Default How to for lever drag reels - striper eeling?

    Hey Striper eel fishermen,

    Fishing the lower bay in December is mostly eeling and takes quick/easy deploy of baits for a drift. Got the technique watching Yogi do his deploy and can do it almost as well. However, I use lever drag reels and it causes me some problems that the board might be able to solve. First, when a cork or planer is first released, it would be nice if it didn't need attention until positioned where I want it. Usually do planers first and then corks. Bill works one side and I work the other to get the baits out fast. Back to the lever drag. I love these reels because the drag is always predictable and easily set. Yet, the con is that when the lever frees the spool, it can over rev and cause a backlash or loosen the mono on the spool. A mess, to say the least. If the clicker is on, the line can't pull out. Same issue with the lever at minimal setting.

    Star drag reels don't have this problem as the spool bearing pressure can be increased to slow the spool. The lever drag doesn't have this option.

    So, how can the spool of the lever drag run free, but slow. Must be some way to put pressure on the spool that is adjustable. Maybe some modification of the button that releases the spool?

    Hope I've explained the situation clearly enough to allow suggested fixes.

    Thanks for any info,


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    Your clicker should be adequate. I use the clicker on my lever drags all the time with planers and corks. Just speed the boat up while deploying and slow down when you are done. I guess the lever drags don't have a mechanical brake? Never really noticed but I thought some did, especially the high-end ones used for vertical jigging.

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