Hi All,

Really missed Ramrod at Kiptopeke this year. For my several years doing Kiptopeke, Ramrod was one of my go to mentors and fishing buddies. Missed Lanny Parrot too, as well as many others. Lots of memories with Marion, including a 58 1/4 striper. But, that was eclipsed this year by Teacher boating at least 4 more than 60 pounds. He calls this experience "living the dream". Think it's on YouTube "team teacher striper fishing". Jimmie and Adam make a great team!

Just for info and maybe some humor, join me at http://www.joytbkiptopekecows.blogspot.com While I'm somewhat of a novice and may be ill informed, my experiences may help others trying to learn about the great fishery activity in the Kiptopeke area each December. Since I realized my objective of boating a COW (55#s, 13 oz) this December, my new goal is trying for entry into the 60 + pound club.

Welcome all positive suggestions as an aid to reaching my new goal, God willing I will be able.