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    After finally figuring out a great way to catch fiddlers with little effort, I decided it was time to try for some sheepshead. Anthony and I left Messick at the crack of noon and headed to the CBBT. Got set up and conditions were almost perfect, and the VB police boat showed up. After "drifting" away from the piling we made a move and got set up again. 30 minutes later same VB police boat makes another showing, so after unwrapping one side of the rope we"drift"away again. Then the VMRC and Coast Guard made a showing. Between all the law and me forgetting my wreck anchor, it was not a very productive sheepshead trip. However, the new prop I put on my new yamaha made a world a difference in performance so all was not lost. 34 knots WOT with a 115 ain't bad!

    Even though the fish didn't cooperate it was a good boat riding day with a good friend.

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    Glad the boats running right and drifting away without incident. You'll have to show me your effortless fiddler wrangling technique.

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