Left my drive way at 3:10am with Capt. Brandon Bartlett of On Point Sportsfishing and Brandon Price. Launch the boat at Rudee at 4:20 and headed east. After a long, and I mean long bumpy ride we arrived at our first destination only to be disappointed as the Rudee Mariner was already there. DANG!!! We played nice and caught a handful of decent sea bass and some solid bluefish. The blue fish weren't citation quality but fun none the less. From there we headed to the canyon to check for tiles. Never thought I would go to the Norfolk Canyon in my 20ft C-Hawk, but none the less it happened. First drop produce a hard bite and a great fight. However the fish came un glued about 20 seconds into the fight. Ran over the same spot three or four more times but never got another bite. That was weird as we were marking them on the machine.

Decided to head to the triangle area and try our luck at flounder. About 10 miles outside the triangles we found albacore busting the surface and despite several attempts to cast and troll them, they would have none of it. Left the "cores" alone and hit the triangle or "rectangle" as Capt. Bartlett calls it. We found a nice class of sea bass there and thought we had a nice flounder, but it came unglued. Several dog sharks there as well. Left the triangles at 4:15 and headed back to rudee. The ride in was much nicer as the wind and the seas dropped out to almost nothing.

Sea bass and blues hit cut bait and butter fly style jigs. It was a great trip with two great people. Not sure taking a 20 foot boat to the Canyon was my best decision but I do have a lot of confidence in that boat's ability now.