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    Default Assateague Surf

    I arrived at the beach at 7am and got a Chinese flounder first cast. As I unhooked it right in the surf a big black drum tail popped up for a second. Set a chunk of mullet right in front the tail and it just went away.
    Lots of Chinese flounder and one really good hit that after a 8 minute fight pulled the hook before I could see it. Dang.
    Got a nice sunburn even with sunscreen and a big hat.
    Capt Mike

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    Mike, You are supposed to put the bait infront of the mouth, not the tail. I love surf fishing Assateague. You never know what you might catch and the ocean is mesmorizing and relaxing. Enjoy!....... Gary

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    Thanks for the report Capt Mike.

    The wife and I are headed down for the day Tuesday, and I'm stoked for the reasons Gary just cited!

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