Fishing Report OC Washington 9/4
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    Default OC Washington 9/4

    After spending the last month fishing wrecks I was more than ready for some canyon fishing. Decided to head to the Wash, hoping for tuna and trying to take advantage of the marlin bite.
    Arrived at the tip a little after 8, got a late start. Water was 78+ and beautiful blue but covered with weed, enough to make trolling impossible. Made our way down to the mouth and the weed cleared out past 100f. Found the whales a little deeper than that and trolled around for a while without a bite or a mark on the finder.
    From there trolled the edge North and found the marlin bite everyone has been talking about. We went 2/3 on whites and 1/1 blue with at least another 6 tire kickers in the spread. I was still running my tuna spread in the middle, always optimistic, and had marlin lures on the riggers which is where our marlin bites came. They all bit blue/white or lumo 9" chuggers on the long riggers.
    The blue was spectacular, pretty much dumped a 50 with 20lbs of drag then pulled a 180 and came close enough to greyhounding in the cockpit with us I had to get out of his way. One of those wish I had a Gopro moments. 45 minutes later we had color and he was every bit of 250 maybe a little more, grabbed the leader to release him and the hook just pulled free. 3rd season on this boat and 3rd shot at a blue release, finally got the first one for the boat.
    It was noon by then and the guys still wanted meat so we treked back down to check out the Wash again. Still nothing doing for us. So back up to the marlin bite it was where we managed a few more tire kickers in the spread and 0/1 white that bit the wwb bird/green machine meant for a tuna. Mental note never violate rule #1, don't leave fish to find fish....packed it in and headed home about 4.
    It was a great trip, broke 2 guys marlin cherry. Looked like someone pumped out their waste tank at the ramp. Couldn't make the guys jump into that off the dock. Hope the fish gods don't curse me for it...


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    Marc, great report and congrats on getting that blue marlin to the leader for a release. That sounds like a fun day even though you didn't fill up the box with meat. Did you give your guys with the marlin cherry's popped the option to jump in that messy creek? That would have been a good go pro shot to go with the blue marlin greyhounding towards your cockpit!!

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    2 whites & a blue. Nice day!

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    Nice days fishing
    Capt. Ken Lahr
    Reel Draggin' Tackle

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    Anytime you have that kind of action, THUMBS UP! Thanks for the report!

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