Ceramic floor tile over linoleum and asbestos??????????
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    Default Ceramic floor tile over linoleum and asbestos??????????

    I am almost ready to lay about 260 sq. ft. of ceramic tiles (12" x 12") on a concrete slab that has been covered many years ago with linoleum in one section and with asbestos tiles in another section. I have been told that it is OK to place the ceramic tiles over both surfaces. Been told there is no need to remove the old floor coverings if they still adhere to the concrete well. That they do. Also been told that everything should be removed down to bare concrete. Makes sense. The downfall with complete removal is the labor involved if I do it myself. Prefer not to have to farm out this project since no one wants to work for the same wages I pay myself.

    Need some expert advice on this topic. I am aware of the PITA in dealing with asbestos so I do not need coaching on that aspect of the job. What I am really looking for is EXPERT advice from an EXPERIENCED installer on the merits of removal of old flooring versus not removing it. I have laid ceramic tile over asbestos tile in part of this same area over 20 years ago and the condition today is as good as day one. No delamination, cracked tiles, loose tiles, loose grout or any other abnormality. This is in a heavily trafficed area. In addition, the directions on the adhesive make mention of using the product over linoleum and asbestos flooring.

    How about a few recommendations that I want to hear please.

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    Yep it is done quite often, the cost to legally remove asbestos flooring materials usually seals the deal for most people. The only issues i have seen are from concrete slabs at or below ground level, that have reoccurring moisture issues. Occasionally the tile adhesive/thin set will allow the tile to pop free.

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