Question Any one going diving in Cuba ?
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    Default Any one going diving in Cuba ?

    Been getting some ads for " educational " dive trips to Cuba. The educational part gets around restrictions.

    Live aboard boat - looks great.

    Talked to some divers from Canada in Mexico - they had been to Cuba and loved the diving.
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    Back in the 60s Fidel drained most of the fresh water ponds in the island to get at the bass to pay for all the war stuff. When all the best fish were gone he had most of the inshore reef fish also killed, iceded , boxed and shipped away when most of the people by that time where starving. Most turist today have no clue what really went on back then. Today after all that the fish on the reefs are slowlly coming back and the goverment finally has "seen the light" but it's not how it used to be before the revolution. Let's hope soon people in the island have free elections after the Castros are ALL gone, it has been hard on the population outside of the turist perimeter!

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