Weeds, weeds & more weeds!
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    Default Weeds, weeds & more weeds!

    I am sure all of you guys out there have this problem. Weeds that grow & grow ... you cut them and they just come back year after year. Now I'm talking about your typical weeds that grow around the house, garage, or shed ... I'm talking about the heavy duty weeds and blackberry bushes, tumbleweeds, etc that grow at the edge of the water edging up to your property. (for those of you on the water) Sorry, wish I had pics to show you. I will this weekend when I come down.
    My question to you guys is .... is there anything you can put down to prevent these damn things from growing back year after year? I have cut them down and they just grow back thicker and thicker. Is there something called "Stop Rot" or "Stump Growth Killer" ... something that you lay down to stop the growth from coming back?? But a chemical, not a layer of cloth like you do in the garden. I have even tried burning it to the ground but that just encouraged it to grow. (just like the wildfires in the forest)
    Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! I am at my wits end!

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    I use this and have had great results..

    It takes a week or 2 to start showing on the tough stuff..but hit it a few times during the growing season and it won't come back.

    Has the most glysophate percentage then anything out there.
    Depending on how strong you make it, I get 50 to 75 2 gallon uses out of it.
    Initially the first year I went through the gal jug.. the following season I bought another. it lasted me 2 season, Bought another this year and it will last me 3+ years now that I have it all under control.

    To the point I use a tractor I picked up cheap to cut back there now.

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    One of the ways to get rid of weeds is through mushrooms. There is a good guide here, you can check it out. https://gartende.com/pilze-im-garten...um-garten-2020

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