Chesapeake area snakehead forum
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    Default Chesapeake area snakehead forum

    We need a snakehead specific forum, so those of us interested in targeting these exciting fish, can discuss tactics, tackle and locations.

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    If you want to target these exciting fish then I wouldn't go there. The goal for most snakehead fishermen isn't to target these exciting fish as a game fish , the goal is to exterminate them by any means for fun. profit and in the name of saving all the other fish . They are now being caught from varying degrees from the Susquehanna river to the Potomac in Md. If they ever take a good hold in the Chesapeake region ,I predict there will be many more people fishing for them for enjoyment and as a good eating fish. They are an introduced species just like non native tidal river bass, but are far more prolific than bass being more pollution tolerant . I believe they can co exist with the non native, introduced, tidal bass which have to be constantly stocked in tidal waters because of pollution, excess fishing pressure, loss of habitat and liberal fishing regulations. When I see tv shows where big bass are being caught along with snakeheads in Florida I have a hard time believing they will eat all the non native tidal bass anymore than the bass will eat all of the snakeheads or any other fish species.
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    I think a forum would be great. They are a great game fish and should be treated that way. Besides they are here to stay and they are GREAT to fight and great to eat as you said.

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