Severn Report - 11-13-16
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    Default Severn Report - 11-13-16

    It's been a long time since I've been able to post a decent fishing report. And while this report probably won't tell you anything you don't already know if you've been on the water much lately, it was a great way for me (and my son) to get back into some fishing enjoyment.

    Time: 3:15pm-5:15pm

    Tide: Flood

    Location Type: Steep drop-offs between east Round Bay and the Rt. 50 Severn Bridge.

    Rigs: Light tackle jigging - Kastmasters, Stingsivlers and small Crippled Herrings, all with a small jig on a dropper loop just above. Switched to 6" BKDs when we ran into schools of dink rockfish.

    The Story: Big schools of W. Perch are just off of most steep drop offs starting at about 30-feet. Size for us was generally from 9”-10.5”, all fat, with a second grade of fish in the 8”-8.5” range. We kept 10 at the first location (I have a policy of not keeping more than 10 perch from any one spot so as not to over-pressure them), then moved and kept six more. We probably tossed back twice as many as we kept. A short, hard jigging action is key...wimpy jigging rarely resulted in a strike.

    The perch do not cover the bottom -- we needed to motor around the drop-offs until we found them on the DF, but the schools we did find were often pretty large and resulted in many double hooks ups on both the dropper and the metal.

    We also learned that if we jigged towards the surface, we’d occasionally get hit by a 16”-20” striper. In one location, we started getting constant double hook-ups of 8”-10” stripers (we saw clouds of them on the DF from 40-ft down to the surface, enough to give false readings on the DF at times…the Class of ’15 is definitely making itself known). To keep them off the hook, we switched to 6" BKDs and managed an occasional fish to 20". We only did this for about 20-minutes, but had we worked longer with the BKDs, I'm confident we could have caught quite a few larger stripers.

    We used a small jig on a dropper loop above either a Stingsilver or small Crippled Herring for the perch. Some of our stripers hit that same rig. At one location, we switched to BKDs to keep the small stripers off and managed to get a few just shy of legal. Had we spent more time targeting stripers this way, I think we could have found a fair number of bigger fish mixed in.

    After sunset, we went back to a shallow grass flat and spent a few minutes casting with plugs. I managed a huge fish that made a long run. I handed the rod my son, who handed it back to me because he couldn’t budge it. I cranked down on the drag and it broke the rod (!), then got off. It was a medium-heavy, 7-ft baitcasting rod with 30 lb braid; since I bought it from BPS less than a year ago, I’m taking it back. But it made for an exciting way to end the day!

    Bottom line: Plenty of fish in the river right now of all sizes, the big ones are still in the shallows during low-light conditions and upsizing lures can find them among the schools of perch and dinks, too.

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    Informative. Thanks for the update.

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    Thanks for the great fishing report!!! I need to try to find some of those deep Severn perch!

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    Thx for the report, too few of them this year!

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    That's the same pattern I saw in the patapsco two weeks ago. Perch in pockets in 15-24 foot and the rock were gorging themselves on the perch. We connected with a nice class of rock up to 30" on little jimmies and put some nice perch in the cooler as well. Nice report and. Glad you got after them!


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