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    I have a question that you Captains are sure to know the answer. In the process of building a lure, how do I keep it from spinning or twisting? If I take an unrigged bullet head with the hair/mylar attached in the parachute way and run the leader through the head. I then attach the hook and place a plastic shad onto the hook, what keeps the shad from twisting/spinning? I do know not to ever attach a swivel next to your lure. Thank you, Bob

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    The paddle tail & lure design in general are what should prevent it from spinning, if rigged properly. Also, the weight of the hook acts as a keel & helps in that regard. If the lure is spinning, it is probably rigged improperly. To attach soft plastics, I use some Krazy Glue (or Zap) on the hook shank, to prevent the plastic bait from sliding down the hook, & bunching up on the hook gap.

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