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    Looking for advice for some new rods. I want to get 4 spinning rods suitable for casting for a boat for stripers, Spanish and blues. I'd also like the ability to use them in the troll for the above fish as well. Budget is about $125 per combo give or take. What's some recommendations?

    Would braid or mono be better for these rods? These will mainly be used for fall fishing off IRI. Any lure recommendations for these fall fish as well? I'm new to the IRI area, haven't fished down here for about 20 years. Thanks a bunch

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    I like to have rods for each thing, but if I were to choose 1 to do all of the stuff you mentioned it would be a Penn Battle 2 - 7ft x fast med heavy, 4000 reel.

    If you could find a 4500 that would be good too. you can do light tackle trolling, cast heavy plugs, and its still plenty light and sensitive enough for jigging w 1/2 oz heads. I would use 15-25lb power pro.

    The new Diawa BGs are great reels in your range as well

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