Fishing Report Netherlands Nov. 12th. 2017
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    Arrow Netherlands Nov. 12th. 2017

    I had planned some river fishing today over the border in Germany but with the low temperature
    and constant rain I decided to ditch that plan.
    It was quite cold and so I made up plan B to go to my perch spot at the end of the day
    when the temperature would be at its highest.

    My hotspot was a canal and although that water held perch and also pike you had to find
    the fish otherwise the exercise would be pretty useless.
    As the algae bloom had stopped a while ago the water was very clear and I could see the small streamer I fished from miles away.
    What I did not see where signs of life = fish of any sorts.

    I systematically fished the canal with a 4-weight rod boasting a full sinking line and a small barbless streamer.
    When I came near the next road bridge I spotted fish.
    Hordes of roach where at the surface and when that surface began to boil I suspected the fish where
    corralled by the perch.
    A few casts later my hunch was confirmed as I caught a decent size perch.
    The second fish was a monster, never seen such a big perch in real life and I was very happy when I
    finally landed the fish, that perch had put a serious bend in the four weight rod.

    Off course I had hoped the action would continue non-stop but alas that did not happen.
    One small perch made the tally three in total and that was it.
    The roach where still splashing about even as the light faded but the perch did not fall for the
    streamer anymore.

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    Marcel that is one big yellow perch. I can't remember ever seeing one that big either. Also I'm glad to see some one is going fish in . I spent Sat. with my grandson and my son in law. They were kind enough to come over and help this old man put the roof on my soon to be new wood working shop. So to be is defined by when ever my old butt can get it done.

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    Glad to see you had some action. That is a really nice perch but your perch get a lot larger than they do here. The striped bass season here on the Chesapeake Bay will soon moving into its winter mode but I did manage a 30" last Thursday on plastics. I will soon be switching to yellow perch as well.

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