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    Looking to get a used boat for sea duck hunting on the Neuse River in NC. Thought I would ask y'all since you hunt big water. Been looking around at center consoles in the 21-24' range. boats like Mako, Proline, Parker, Grady White, C Hawk. Since we will mostly only use it for duck hunting, been looking at older hulls with motors that don't run or are worthless basically. Gonna repower with a newer used motor. Do any of you use boats like 24 Grady White walk arounds? Would love a covered place to keep things dry if needed. Also, do y'all use the scissor rigs that float and hold the trees? or use pop up blinds attached to your boat? Sorry for all the questions, but figure you guys have probably hunted out of, and tried just about everything.
    thanks in advance for the help.

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    Any boat older than 20 years probably needs a new fuel system. Most older Makos (and many other brands) need the fuel system replaced.

    The tanks are Aluminum and they corrode, often from the outside; When I checked it 5 years ago my '88 had significant corrosion on the top surface of the fuel tank with holes all the way through.

    Its just one thing to consider when purchasing an older boat. The classic Mako website "projects" section has lots of info on replacing fuel systems in case you want to know more about it. There is also a classified section you may be interested in.

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    Yellowdog- I hunt the waters of Tangier Sound and it gets no bigger than that. I have owned a number of hunting boats over the years but this past November I took my 2005 Carolina Skiff 21 DLX and stripped it of all hardware. I added a battleship gray gel coat to the entire interior and vinyl wrapped the exterior and motor with MAX 5-D vinyl wrap. Added a Beavertail blind enclosure and must say its is the most versatile, comfortable and safe hunting boat I have ever owned. Doubles for an excellent fishing boat when not hunting. Unfortunately Carolina Skiff does not want to market a camo version of their boats so its a do-it-yourself enterprise.

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