Well … it was not exactly fishing.

The local flyfishermen from the other side of the border always organized casting sessions
at various locations during the year.
The last one was called the Christmas casting session and usually an excuse to party at one of the local
ponds with maybe do some casting along the way.

So I attended the party eh… last casting session and met up with fellow anglers from the region.
And as usual people brought food and drink with them so everybody had a good time.
The instigator of the last session had purchased some Salmon from the fishmongers and
prepared the so called flammlax, a specialty from the Scandinavian neck of the woods.

As I was not a great fish eater I had only one sandwich with the salmon but did have a tasting
of the Connemara Single Malt and the Mulled wine with a shot of rum.
My goal was to go fishing once the party had ended which would be about noon …
Off course the whole thing did not end which reminded me of the time I asked about the ending time
of another party where the reply was “The party stops when the last drunkard leaves” .

The last two guys excluding me had promised that the beer keg would have to be emptied and so
I stayed along while the daylight faded and the fog settled over the land.
The temperature dropped near freezing and with the low light and the extreme rainfall and snow melt
from the last weeks I figured fishing was useless.

As my buddies had finished their task in emptying the beer keg and where about to be picked up
I left for pub for some food more to my liking and vowed I would still have to catch a fish in December before the year ended.
With a couple of dry days the stream might be fishable again and maybe I take a day off from work to
end the year with some fish being caught.