Fishing Report Germany December 21st. 2017
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    Arrow Germany December 21st. 2017

    With the last fishing outing being fishless due to circumstances I was still on a mission to catch
    at least one fish in the month of December.
    With nothing to do at work due to lack of orders I decided to take a day off and go fishing despite the
    fact that the stream still carried more than twice as much water as normal.

    Once at the stream I noticed that the water was still a lot higher than I liked.
    Sand was deposited far up the bank from the time that the water was about four times higher than usual.
    There was one spot I expected fish and that was in a deeper pool behind a removed weir.
    The current was strong and the visibility was very poor so I was not sure that the fish would be
    active despite the rather high temperature.

    I fished the current seam along the calmer water hoping that the one or the other fish would be
    stationed there to pick up food items carried along by the current.
    The first bite came after a while and actually yielded a roach on the nymph.
    I had one other take but could not convert that into a hooked fish.
    I tried other likely spots but I could hardly get to them because of slippery banks and short boots.

    It rained practically most of the day, light rain but it made the landscape look dull and off course darkness came pretty early.
    The end of my fishing session came right on time with the opening of the pub and although the landlord only wanted to
    serve me one beer because of that one fish I took two :-)

    This could be the last fishing report of this year so just in case Merry Christmas and a happy New Year
    but then again with the high temperatures I might sneak in just one more session.

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    Merry Christmas Marcel.

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