Rebuilding a Grizzly
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    Default Rebuilding a Grizzly

    Capt Dave's skinny water boat is an older Grizzly from Pro Bass Shops. It has had some issues with the console jumping up and down like a crazy person when running WOT. The pad of the boat flexed so much it broke the rivets holding the console in place. So we decided to beef up the pad area with rectangle bars of aluminum screwed down to the cross braces.
    Step one remove console and that took a full day.

    That would help with the twist in the pad and with the foam added and a thick plate attached to the bars we got a good solid pad now.

    Console in place now to rig it.

    Steering was not easy to get back in place

    Controls are next

    In place but even with new cables the unit is bad.

    New one on order

    Now we had another issue with the boat not riding right when loaded. Needed to move some weight forward or have a customer lie on the front deck.
    So we moved the batteries up front. Cut two holes and nestled them in place.

    Added a dual bank charger too.

    it works.. yea

    Created a hatch cover and it looks like it is coming together.

    Next will be the controls and wiring for the console.
    Then a new rubberized deck to sneak up on snakeheads with.

    Capt Mike
    Capt Dave

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    That is great stuff, thanks for posting!

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