Yesterday a call came from the syndicate that the mill pool boasted an unsightly log
that the inhabitants wanted to have removed.
As I was near the premises I agreed to take a look and if possible get rid of the log.
This morning I went to the mill pool armed with waders as my plan was to float the
log out of the pool and send it on its way to the sea.
I had volunteered quickly for the job as I had a double agenda.
Somebody had done some tree trimming at one of my good fishing holes and had
dumped the branches into the water = could not fish there anymore.
To float the big log downstream those debris had to go so I removed them first
and noticed that indeed one of the larger trout lived at that spot.
The big log was heavy but once it was in the water only the shallow rocky spots
required some pulling and hosting.
The log was send off, I could go fishing.
It was another warm day and for the first time in the season I noticed some blue winged olives
buzzing around.
The fish where not surface feeding so the small size 16 nymph once again came into action
and brought up a mix of small dace and some small trout.
I could not find any good fish so I guess I have to visit some haunts far upstream and see if
any fish are left there.