With the mornings still cold I figured it might be wise to start the fishing session late.
At one of my favorite spots I just could not catch anything and I began to think I had lost

my fishing mojo.
The only hit was from a small brown trout that threw the hook with lightning speed.

A visit to the mill pool did not yield much as only a small gudgeon went for the nymph.
I spotted some pretty big dace further upstream and they were actively surface feeding.
The first fish on the dry fly this season was my goal but I only got the small fish.
It was overcast and as the wind picked up the surface feeding ended.

A haul with the streamer through one of the weir pools yielded not the perch I had
hoped for, no hits.

At another spot I finally caught some dace but again very small size.
I hooked into a solid brown trout but the fish went absolutely ballistic and threw the
barbless hook out with ease.
Now that I knew fish where present some fine tuning of the nymph setup yielded larger
fish and best of all a very strong and nice colored rainbow trout.
The fact that the brown trout got away made me think, as it went so aggressively for
the nymph it might be willing to take a streamer also.
After a wait I got back to the pool where the brown trout and one cast with the streamer

was enough to solidly hook the brown.

After dinner at the pub I figured there was still some daylight left and with all these trout
around (stocked I guess) I wanted to try one last spot.
It was getting late as the bats where on the wing (first time I have seen them this season).
Nymphs did do nothing but the streamer once again revealed a very aggressive brown trout.

The fish missed at the first attempt but the second was a solid hookup.
A very nice day and good to get some larger fish for a change.