Had my 21' Mako's Bottom Sand Blasted, left with Pin Holes on Port Side
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    Default Had my 21' Mako's Bottom Sand Blasted, left with Pin Holes on Port Side


    Maybe buying an old boat wasn't that great of an idea, but the 200 Evinrude only has 500 hours total, and runs great. The question mark was the numerous layers of bottom paint that were showing through in different places.

    After buying the boat, I wanted to get the bottom looking good, so I found an old guy in Gloucester, VA, who agreed to sand blast it for me. After a couple of hours, he called to say the boat is ready. Not knowing what to expect, I loaded it on the trailer, and took it home. The Blaster gave the name of a marina who does bottom painting, and marina insisted he see it before quoting me a price. He pointed out a couple of small blisters, and some small cracks about 6 inches or so that were hidden under the fiberglass. He said he used the same sandblaster, and that he would not have accepted the boat with it still having some residual bottom paint, along with places where the taping wasn't done just right. I haven't decided whether to return the boat, concerned that he may make my situation worse, adding to the about 75 pin holes already present on the port side just below the waterline.

    The marina quoted me $4600 for glass repair, epoxy ablative paint (2 coats), and a coat of bottom paint, which is about what I paid for the boat. The marina is so booked up, he couldn't get to it until mid-summer, so I decided to pass on it for now.

    I would fill in the pinholes with some epoxy, possibly syringing the voids. What material would work? If a syringable material isn't available, what could be used that can be applied with a plastic putty knife?

    I have a boat lift on my pier that I eventually plan to keep the boat on, but would like to keep the boat slipped for a few days at a time. Any suggestions as to what I should do to the bottomIMG_20180516_082924024.jpgIMG_20180516_082907788 (1).jpgIMG_20180516_082907788 (1).jpg

    Seth Anderson
    Moon, VA

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    This must be you: http://www.classicmako.com/forum/top...TOPIC_ID=59427

    I was going to tell you to post on classicmako.com project board or discussion board:



    There are much cheaper ways to fix the problem you found.

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