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    I took my son fishing to catch his 1st.Snakehead yesterday. We had our kayaks in the water less than a half hour when he caught his 1st. snakehead on a frog. He managed 3 more and lost 1. He caught 4 for 5. I lost 2 ,with a video I was taking at the time(I hope) of one jumping like a salmon and spitting the hook. All released .We fished 7-11 .The breeze felt good as we were heading back to where we put in where there was a fisherman and his wife lounging along side of him . He caught 1 before we got to the take out. He said he caught 2 more earlier and we watched him catch 4 more before we packed up and left in about 20 minutes. He kills and keeps everything like there is no end to them. I said to him. What do you do with all of them? He says his 3 children like eating them? I said do they like fishing? He said yes. Well what will they have to fish for when they grow up if you kill everything you catch ? I hope to put together a nice video of several trips by the end of the year. I know a fisherman that used to guide for Musky and Walleye . He is the Best Potomac River Musky and Walleye fishermen I know. He quit because his customers were always where he took them when he went fishing the spots he took them to and they were killing all the Walleyes. He didn't need the money so he stopped guiding . I fully understand . He's most likely in his kayak right now catching some big walleyes or muskys . He releases everything and enjoys good fishing all year long from shore and Kayak. He used to write for magazines but you will no longer read about the fish he catches or be able to hire him as a guide. He just smiles and goes fishing with his wife these days. You will never see him carrying a stringer of fish. He'll tell you they weren't biting if you pass him along a path. Just some food for thought.
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