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    Today was one of those days that don't come along enough times for me. I hooked , had definite bites or territorial nips from 20 definite snakeheads and landed "10" . The biggest was 10 lbs. even . The best part of tis fight was not only dd the 10 pounder dive in the spadderdock, he lunged under the root stolon so I had to uproot 2 entire plants sitting sideways on the kayak to get him out. I never thought he would still be on the hook. I use 17# nanofil tied to a snap, then the lure . The rest that I landed were much smaller 1-2.5 # with a few other nicer ones that spit the hook. Fished 6- 11 . I wish all the days I fish for Great Northern Snakeheads were like this one. I released all the fish where I caught them so someone else can have fun too. I hope they consider the same and release most or all back for me. or maybe they already have? . Unfotunately , the MD.DNR wants to destroy all the snakeheads so you have to fish for Bass. They don't want you to have what you want. They want you to have what's good for you . In their notes about how bad they are ,a MD..DNR representative said that one person lost a thumb because he was stupid enough to try get the hook out with his fingers ? Duh... the same thing would happen if you stuck your finger in a musky, pike, walleye or blue fish mouth. They also said that snakeheads are eating ducks? Duh... don't they sell duck lures for Bass? A Japanese fisheries biologist stated that they stocked Bass & Bluegill in their home waters to find out how they would do and they said both predator species ate all their fish up and they consider them invasive species and are having them removed permanately? If these fish were put in freshwater ponds and lakes they could possibly become a problem. But in Tidal rivers, unlikely. I think the biggest fear they have is that people won't want to fish for Bass any more? This seems to irk them the most. Like a slap in the face to the Bass managers. Most of them don't even fish? I know quite a few Bass fishermen that now fish for snakeheads instead. John Odenkirk, who works for Va, and has studied these fish more than anyone else doesn't believe there is or will be a problem in tidal rivers after 14 years of studying these fish in Va.tidal rivers. after 14 years of Snakeheads in the Potomac there are still 4 Bass to 1 snakehead . They're not sure if "all : snakeheads spawn more than once a year. They think that differen't fish spawn at differen't times throughout the season . Isn't it good to get what's good for you before they can prove anything? Maybe Maryland should hire John Odenkirk as a consultant then we'll have someone that has 14 years of experience with the species and let him decide. The Va. DNR dissected 2,260 snakeheads and found a total of 14 Bass in their stomachs. When the Md. DNR decides to do the same study on Bass by dissecting 2,260 of non native tidal water Bass to see what they're eating, Then I'll listen to what they have to say. The Md. representative was questioned on the non native tidal LM Bass being non native. He responded by saying , yes but they are native to the US. The representative didn't look American Indian to me.
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