Colorado High Country
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    Default Colorado High Country

    I had the good fortune of living out in Colorado for the last few
    months. My years of SW flyfishing experience helped in many ways,
    expecially on windy days.

    But trout are different for sure. Water temp, water quality, what's hatching etc.

    I was able to fish the Arkansas, Upper Colorado, Upper Rio Grande, the
    Eagle, some of their tributaries and several high alpine lakes up to
    13000 feet. Several hundred fish later, I found my confidence
    building, and my required fly inventory starting to crystallize.

    Here are some things I learned.

    -If a brown trout strikes and misses, move to the next pool. That pool
    is done.
    -Rainbows tend to head upstream when hooked and you should let them!
    -Brookies are the most accommodating, though generally smaller. they
    need good clean HIGH (altitude) water.
    -Greenback Cutthroat become whirling dervishes on the surface when
    hooked. Play them lightly. They live in brutal climes, and more than
    once I was chased down a mountain in hail while catching them.
    -Topwater starts in earnest in April and continues through the summer.
    -If I only had one fly to throw, it would be a foam-bodied coastal deer
    hair caddis. Size 14 on the rivers, Size 18 or 20 on the lakes.
    -An RS-2 dropper can be deadly.
    -Size 10 black Wooly Buggers are pretty righteous at dusk in moving
    - Good water is typically 2 or 3 mile hike + elevation from any road.
    You gotta earn good water.

    Here's a couple of videos to give you a sense of what's going on out there. 50+ trout days in some places...

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    Nice report!!!

    I hope you are well and it sounds like you are!

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