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    Hi, I thought I would give a go at catching Carp but I can't find any tackle shops in the Richmond Va area that stocks any tackle, method leads, hair rigs, fake corn ect. There is plenty on line but I was wondering if anybody knows of any tackle shops in central VA that could help.

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    Don’t over complicate it.

    Size the rod accordingly, light surf rods if distance is an issue. Debate over sliding sinkers and open bail or fixed.

    Make your own hair rigs using moss green power pro or spider wire, real corn, etc.You can make a bait needle by using an oversized sewing needle and using a dremel to notch the side.

    Boilies are fine, but the guys who kill them up at Conowingo in the spring use strawberry flavored shredded wheat, by the pound. Shredfed wheat with pepsi was always my go to up here around BWI.

    Remember, KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid. No offense intended, sometimes fisherman complicate things.

    Haven’t fished for them in years, but they are fun!!!


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    I've caught them over 20# by just walking the shore line and sight casting to them with medium spinning tackle 10# test and a plane hook and a live night crawler. I'd cast the crawler in front of the prospecting carp as they swam along the bank and they would pick up the crawler and game on. Just like casting to freshwater Red fish. More challenging than bottom fishing with sinkers.
    Fishing can be anything you want it to be

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    Bigworm, How about an update? Have you been carp catching? Really seems interesting.

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