Limited out on trout 11-17-2018
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    Default Limited out on trout 11-17-2018

    I headed down to Virginia Beach at 2:30am in the morning to fish the Rudee Inlet for several days. The weather was perfect down there with temperature in the 50's and 4 to 8 mph winds. At times we could not keep the fish off our lines, however, you had to go through 20 or at times 30 fish to catch a keeper. Here is a video of the my time down there playing with the trout...

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    A lot of action. I used to fish for trout in the Elizabeth River this time of year. The bigger ones used to winter over in there before they closed down the coal power plant and a cold winter killed most of them.Mostly 2-5 lb. fish with some bigger ones up to 28 inches or bigger.. I don't know if they have made a come back in there or not? Not far from where you fished. Good place to kayak fish. Better winter trout fishing in there than in Fla. They have a body profile like a Walleye including the teeth.
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    GREAT JOB GUYS !!! .......... Martin you are REALLY becoming the videographer

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