I'm a big fan of hand-line fishing, whether from the stern of our sailboat or swinging out some bait from a yoyo when I'm waist deep in the surf. Either way, there's always a chance that something big bites and need for gloves become paramount.

Total H2O immersion is a must for surf fishing.
Fingertip control is needed for winding line and feeling the nibbles of the little fish.
Kevlar-like palm protection to keep the mono from cutting skin and muscle is the name of the game.
And, it seems to me that some bright contrasting colors might help with all the confusion when the big one (even if it only a couple of lbs.) attempts to pull me over.

I'm thinking of half finger gloves with substantial palm protection.

Your suggestions and recommendations are welcome, and if you are around, I'll share my catch, but not my severed fingers!