Fishing Report March 24th Report
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    Default March 24th Report

    March 24th Report

    The river was four creams in your coffee and the air crisp and cold. We set up on the first spot and marked tons of fish. Lines out and after almost 2 hours no fish caught. Sure a hit now and then but no real takers. Tide was two hours late to turn so we moved. Next spot was unfishable as the wind changed direction. So we moved again way up river. The run was smooth with some scattered debris and then the craziest thing happens. The depth finder jumps out of it's bracket like some one hit it with a bat. I stop and look it over and the cable to the transducer is gone. And so is the transducer.

    It broke off and pulled the cable out of the I am fishing blind now. Setup on a good spot, catch two cats and then a stick gets stuck on a line. I reel it in and just as it get to the side of the boat it pulls free and the 4 oz no roll sinker smashes into my face knocking my glasses off and bloody up my mouth. Gonna leave a shiner this is…

    So a tough day on the river.

    Capt Mike

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    That sucks. I've had days like that on the big river myself so know how ya feel.

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    Man what a rough day and horrible looking water. Makes me glad I didn’t go and was stuck at home working.


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    Exciting! Glad it was not worse, and you made it back safely. Thanks for the report.

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