no power to my ignition switch on a yamaha 115 4stroke outboard
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    Default no power to my ignition switch on a yamaha 115 4stroke outboard

    I am not a mechanic..... I have a three year old Yamaha 115 outboard and there in no power getting to the ignition switch and therefore the motor won't start and the dash with gages also will not come on. The battery is fully charged and the power does not seem get to the ignition switch. The trim switch on the motor is fine however no power to trim from controller/ignition. I used it last at the end of summer last year and all was fine. Went out to crank it up and nothing?? Help please. What fuses I found were all solid, the motor is like new... I did leave the throttle engaged (in the reverse position) over the past months only to prevent the cover from ripping from snow...

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    Having seen friends cause more trouble than good messing with an OB themselves. My recommendation is to take it to a reputable mechanic

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