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    Default York Spit Report

    I fished Saturday and Sunday at and around York Spit.

    Pretty rough in the morning on Saturday, but we anchored up to bunker chunk for cobia, caught one within the first fifteen minutes at 37'', then plenty of rays for the next several hours. Difficult keeping bait on fishing with bunker, I'd more or less get all the rods out then start back on the first I'd put out and re-bait. When I go back I'll fish some live croakers and see if that helps. Finished the day trolling for about an hour, caught one spanish with a couple other knockdowns that didn't come tight.

    Sunday was different, started later, took the womenfolk with us, beached it for a while on the smallest of the Goodwin Islands, caught several small rock and a hand sized flounder in the current around the island, then trolled for about 2.5 hours, catching six nice sized spanish. Took them home and fried them in house autry hot and peanut oil, pretty hard to beat.

    Sunday was as nice a day as I've had to fish so far this summer. I'd kinda forgotten what its like to not fish in the wind.

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    thanks for the Report

    Went out Saturday - trolled up and down the Beach to Sandbridge - 20 miles in total - 1 small Mack and a few that didn't make it to the 'Boat'. Nice going south - a little rough coming back (into the wind) coming back north..

    Passed on my 'spot' in Rudee as it was pretty busy Saturday around 1100. Didn't want to be one of those that muscle in - like happens to me..

    Medium Flounder and Croaker under the Bridge - Marina-side. And a few Croaker across from the Aquarium, seemed like high Tide might have cooled that down though also..


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    Thanks, headed that way tomorrow.

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