Fishing Report Quick trip before storm - Sandy Point

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    Default Quick trip before storm - Sandy Point

    With severe storms predicted this afternoon - went out this morning from Sandy Point with TFer Mike BCFD ( Mike ). We launched at 8:15 and took short run to 14 feet off Sandy Point. Left Spot biting here yesterday - fingers crossed they would still be around. Seems the Spot have been moving a lot.

    Good luck was on our side - had a steady bite of 5 inch Spot , few 7 inchers and two of the prized 9 inchers. Half a dozen 5 inch Croaker mixed in ( tossed back ). # 6 hooks helped in hooking the small Spot.

    We put about 20 in livewell and then ran north. Wind from south was picking up - as outgoing current bucked it making chop with whitecaps.

    Found Rock glued to bottom in 30 feet - took few tries to get anchor right.

    The wind was stronger than current - put out 300 feet of rode to get over the fish. This put rode on shallow angle - in case we hooked big fish we could avoid tangle. We had to add 1/4 and 1/2 oz sinkers making a gentle lob cast north about 30 feet. This let current carry Spot on slack line until next to boat. Hits came fast - we soon had three in cooler , 21-23 inchers.

    While taking photo - Mike got #4. Wind had picked up and dark clouds starting to form. No need to be stupid - we pulled anchor and ran back.

    Once at jetty we slowed as one of the CRAB sailboats was coming in. Got in front of them and saw a kayaker in center of channel. He moved to left to let us pass - we saw the stern really low. Mike asked if he was OK - paddler shook hands - sorta.

    We could not do U turn but CRAB sailboat waved - we got this - they called the support center console via radio that was close by. Before it got there - kayaker jumped out and swam the kayak to jetty.

    We watched the CC come in to assist and once at dock saw kayak being towed in. Walked over to see if needed help. Kayaker told us he was at # 11 piling ( old bridge ) when a NRP boat wake caught him off guard and he rolled over. Lost fishing rod and kayak was 1/2 full of water.

    I noticed life vest secured to the seat - crazy not to be wearing it. Guy told us he had one good hit but missed it - Mike gave him one of four Rock he was taking home.

    Got half way home when first storm hit - more coming this evening.
    They say that life's a carousel - spinning fast, you've got to ride it well.

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    Great Karma giving out one of your fish. Thanks For the report..

    Capt. Ted

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