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    Default Sandy Point - Weds - 7 / 17

    Met my friend Dean at Sandy Point at 6:15 am. Plan was to get Spot and live line. Current prediction was incoming to end about 9:30. Launching saw tide was high - figured due to full moon Tuesday and south breeze.

    Ran out from Sandy Point jetty ENE to 15 feet. Found a friend's boat anchored right on my numbers - bastard . No big deal - anchored nearby. Steady bite of Spot and small Croakers. Great to see the little ones - hopefully they grow up to nice 2-3 lbers of years past.

    My friend ran east to the zoo on east side bridge - Dean and I elected to run north to Podickery. No other boats around but we found Rockfish in 30 feet. Put MOB on GPS and went south of the mark about 200 feet. South breeze and incoming current would make setting up easy - ummm , nope.

    No idea how / why but we had light outgoing at Podickery. Boat swung east on anchor. Damn , pulled anchor and reset - better but still off marks. Used engine to pull boat west - over the fish.

    Dean put over a Spot with 1 oz and let it down about 20 feet. He remarked how lively Spot was - peeling line off bait runner. I laughed - looking at meter I knew he had a Rock already. Nice 23 incher to start. Moved boat back west - we both hooked up. 22 and 24 , both healthy.

    Had to move anchor again - perfect spot would be right on a known cable snag , I was not in mood for diving. Got set off GPS dot but meter was lit up. I got a 28 incher but it had sores so let it go. Dean put #4 ( limit ) in cooler 21 incher. We pulled anchor and ran south to bridge on west side - figured to Perch fish a hour or so with cut Spot stripes. Carefully filleting the Spot thinly so fillet was about 3/16 thick. Cut the fillet into 3 x 1/4 strips and hooked strip once at very top. This allows it to flutter in current - looking just like minnow.

    Perch were hitting well but tough to stay tight to bridge with wind going against current. Heard people yelling - looked up to see traffic stopped and folks watching us fish. Later saw photo on Facebook.

    We put few Perch in cooler 10 inchers and released a bunch of 7-9 inchers. Had plenty of ice - bought a 20 lb bag Tuesday night and put in home deep freezer.

    It was only about 10:30 but heat was raising so headed in. Driving home the east bound lanes were backed up almost to Rt 2.
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