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    Default DNR appears to be in target

    Crabbed yesterday on a western shore river. The catch ratio was about 3-4 to 1 undersize to legal. Caught a lot of crabs. Noticeably absent were mature females. Didnít catch a one. Normally at this time of year we would be catching a lot of them. Of course we canít keep them. The small crabs we caught were one shed away from being legal. September and October are looking good. DNR said that the mild winter provided a large survival for small crabs. Looks true to me.
    We crabbed 1200 ft of line with necks. We would have done just as well with 600 ft. As most crabs were caught iat the same area of the line. We knew the area from shore line structure. And just like clock work when we came to the structure it was bang, bang, bang. This occurred run after run. A large section at one end of the line only produced a crab occasionally. We did manage almost a bushel of nice crabs.

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    What was the magic depth? We plan on going out in Eastern Bay on Thursday....

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