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    Quote Originally Posted by O sea D View Post
    Caught 3 in the honga on gulp baits last week . And friend an i both saw a pompono . Jump out of water after bait fish. So help me God
    If I remember correctly, there was a report of someone catching a Pompano in the bay earlier this year. Not sure where.

    One of the things I love most about this great estuary is that you never know what you may catch or see. Everything from Lizardfish to Bull sharks, Dolphin to Manatees, Pompano, Tarpon and even whales. It all seems to be here at one time or another.

    A side story.

    I have always loved to boat and fish. As a young child I had tried to talk my father into getting a boat. He didn't want to because we didn't live on or near the water. So, many, many years ago,(47) when I got my drivers license, I bought a car and a small fiberglass skiff. I would trailer the skiff all over the place in order to fish or crab. One day I was fishing in Eastern bay near Bodkin Island. I had been having a good day catching Perch, Hardhead and Spot. Back then I would keep my catch hanging in the water on one of those metal safety pin style stringers. That day was a relatively calm day. I was sitting in the bow of the boat waiting for the next fish to take my bait when I felt a small "thud" on the hull of the boat. At first I didn't think much about it, must have just been a wave slapping the hull I thought. Then it happened again and again and again!!! I scurried to the back of the boat to see what the problem was and much to my surprise, there was a small shark (24 maybe 30 inches) tearing up the fish on my stringer. Not sure what kind. Knowing what I know now, it was probably a Bull.

    That's the day I decided I needed a "Bigger boat".

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    I caught two of them this morning near the mouth of Tampa Bay. The first one was about 15" (my personal best needlefish). The second one was a more typical 8" fish. But as I wound the fish in, a bluefish came up and bite the rear half off of the needlefish. For a few seconds, the poor needlefish was hanging in the air with blood dripping from its half body.

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    They make good bait for snook in FL. This picture probably won't show up, but i will try. It is a picture of me with a snook and the lizard fish. We called them lizard fish. Attachment 254175-----

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