Question Crab Storage and Oxygen
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    Default Crab Storage and Oxygen

    I know about temperature and I know they need oxygen so I don’t need those lessons.
    I know about leaving the refrigerator door or cooler lid cracked, so good there.

    My question is, does anybody have a good grasp on HOW MUCH oxygen they need.

    Walk in coolers are bigger and there is more air in them but are stilled sealed but those doors don’t have to be cracked. I assume it is because when those doors are opened, there is enough air exchange and an overall larger volume.

    Would it be possible to use an aquarium aerator placed outside the refrigerator to pump air into a hose or maybe two hoses stuck in the basket?

    I just hate having the compressor running trying to keep a constant temp because the air is flowing out.


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    I would think if you had an aerator placed in a 5 gal bucket of water (or cooler or whatever) running inside the fridge unit it would put enough oxygen into the air for the crabs.

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