Like every year striped bass fishing has changed. Right now the best fish finders are the seagulls diving on bait that is floating. Not the small white terns. They are diving on small baitfish since they can get their beaks down in the water.

The water temperature last week was 74.6 degrees. It is finally starting to cool. It is 72.1 degrees today at Thomas Point. More baitfish should start leaving the rivers into the Chesapeake Bay. Look for birds at locations where the river enters the Bay.

Seven consistent trips allowed me to visit the Upper and Middle Chesapeake Bay into October where I’ve seen spanish mackerels caught from Thomas Point Shoal to as far north as Tolchester, MD.

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David Hoekzema with Nice Spanish Mackerel

Most of the schools, under birds, have been small. Keep moving and you can locate some nice stripers that can be taken on topwater.

Thomas Hjolmarsson from Sweden

HDS 9 200kHz

I hope you can attend the meeting. It is free to the public and the hot dogs are great.

Tight Lines,
Capt. Tom Hughes