Question Snapper-blues, Trying to re-live memories
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    Default Snapper-blues, Trying to re-live memories

    If you promise not to tell, I’ll admit that I grew up in New England, not too far from Long Island Sound. For the last 60+ years I have been local.

    A long time ago, when I was young, and summer came to an end, we would head down to anywhere there was a tide and catch a basket of “snapper blues.” These were bluefish less than 6-inches (think sardine size) that snapped at anything shinny. An old Zebco reel, or a bamboo stick was all that you needed. Bait was little minnows, or some tinfoil wrapped on a long shanked hook, or if you could afford it, some of those clear plastic minnows melded to a hook (3 for $0.49)

    Cleaning the catch was simple. A pair of scissors, would dispatch the head and a swipe at the innards was all that was required. A quick fry in a black iron pan, a few ears of corn from the “Windy Hill” farm stand – and --- if I could sneak one of Dad’s Schaefer beers – it was a ritual Sunday evening that I will always remember.

    Forgive me for waxing on found memories. Now spin forward 60+ years, Long Island Sound is now Lower Potomac and Chesapeake Bay.

    I’ve caught my share of bluefish trolling from our sailboat, and I’ve enjoyed pulling in the 12 inch taylors using cut spot when we are at anchor, but I’ve never encountered the “snapper-blue” quarry of my youth in the lower Potomac/C-bay.

    Are my fond memories rooted to Long Island Sound, or is there a chance to relive them locally?

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    What a great memory!! But a 6-inch blue is mighty small around here. I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't too far from the the hatchery when you were a kid. Now I've caught rockfish of all sizes, but the bay, and its feeding rivers, ARE hatcheries. I have no idea if blues reproduce locally or just come here for dinner. Good question though! Good luck!

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