Anyone troll for pan fish?
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    Default Anyone troll for pan fish?

    I haven't trolled lures for bass in years but a friend showed me that trolling crankbaits catch bass and panfish. First time out I caught crappie, perch and a sunnie:

    Fish were found in 6.5-7.5':

    Funny though, none shown on the sonar would hit a lure cast vs trolled.

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    Very nice SS. I longline(horizontal, faster).9 -1.5 mph troll up to 12 rods at a time in Fla. Not crankbaits however. Beetlespins, twisters, roadrunners etc. Artificial only no live bait added. Also spider rig(vertical, slower) presentation .7 mph or less. Killer technique. The money panfish tournament boys use the new, expensive LIVESCOPE to really put a hurtin' on em. Still that technology, if you can afford it, won't make 'em bite on tough days, but it surely puts your baits in the strike zone. I don't use it, get more satisfaction, I think, NOT watching the Crappie "video game", lol!

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    I use to troll for wperch in Loch Raven Reservoir in central Baltimore County. I'd use my canoe with a trolling motor. Two rods would be rigged with the simplest of spinner baits, #4 bait hook, then 3-4 red beads, then a Colorado spinner blade, all strung on the mono line. I'd insert a keeled trolling sinker, ~ 3/4oz , about 4' up the mono to get'r down 6''-10'. The FF would tell me how deep the wperch were. Always had to tip the hook with 2" of night crawler. No night crawler = no fish. Fast action at times but I sorta had to be happy with 8"-10" wperch.

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