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Thread: fishing eels

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    Default fishing eels

    hey all im going to try my hand at fishing live eels this year, so in my looking into it I find the 3 bucket way to keep them alive seems to be best 3 5 gals buckets, lower no holes, sec drill 6 holes, and same as top, wrap eels in soft rags add ice to top bucket and put eels in sec bucket put all 3 together the ice keeps them slow easy to handle, and most and the holes allow the water and slime to drip down into lower bucket so they don't die if anyone has a better way let me know, then on rigging I understand to use a #7 or 5 circle hook on a 50# leader with a 2 to 4 oz inline sinker that sides with a float allow the stopper on sinker to the depth of 2 to 4 ft for the bay if any of this info is wrong please let me know so im not wasting eels time ect thanks if the info is correct then I hope its helps you too.

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    For keeping them alive I just use a bucket and put a little bubbler I got from Wal mart in there and have kept them alive for a few days.
    You can add ice before you are ready to use them and it will slow them down some also.
    Never had luck with the rag method though Im sure it was my fault.
    I just find the bubbler fool proof.

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    It sounds like both methods mentioned above would work well.

    For the little I used eels this year, I tried to keep it easy and simple. I tossed several inexpensive freezer packs in the bottom of a small cooler. The Styrofoam ones are fine and disposable if you don't want to designate a hard sided one as your bait cooler. There are no puddles of water with melting so I didn't see a need for a drainage system. I put the eels between a couple of damp towels on top of the frozen packs.

    I only used eels during the summer for Cobia. The cooler kept the freezer packs cold for most of my fishing day during the hot weather. The eels stayed healthy without any need to have them swimming in water while on the boat. The freezer packs made them lethargic and easy to handle. They quickly came alive after hooking, when tossed in the water.

    For keeping eels alive for days, I tossed them in a bait cage sunk at a dock.

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