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    Default No Working Birds - Look on Structures

    No Working Birds - Look on Structures

    Bill Mellendick invited me to fish with him and Mike Lawrence. The water was flat, the sun was shining, and the air temperature was around 60 degrees as we headed out. As normal for this time of year, we were looking for working birds to help us find fish. That wasn't happening, so we started checking ledges that dropped off swiftly into the channel, underwater mounds, points, and other structures.

    The current was flooding and was to move the swiftest just past 4:30pm. Just past 4:00pm we landed a triple with all fish being larger than keeper size. Catching went on until we left as the sun was setting. The most productive location was a drop off just off an underwater mound. They wanted 5" Z-Man plastics teamed with a 1/2 ounce jighead.

    Thanks Billy for the outstanding trip.

    CLICK on Picture to Enlarge

    No Birds - No Problem
    Nice Catch Billy

    Mike Caught This Nice Striper

    On Sturcture

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    Nice. What ramp you go from ?
    They say that life's a carousel - spinning fast, you've got to ride it well.

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    Where were you? Ain’t had flat winds here and 60 temps in a week

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    Nice work Bill. Your Brother Joe ia a friend of mine...... Gary

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