How many of you use live bait fish and have problems with poor quality bait in the summer with tuna tubes?
I have heard and read there are no problems keeping bait fish in tubes in the cooler seasons, but I have problems with tuna tubes negatively affecting bait quality only in the hot summer months and that happens every summer. Same type of problems with poor bait quality in the summer in the US with striper tubes, fishermen trying to keep stripers alive all day to the weigh-in for summer C&R striper fishing tournaments.
Question for you guys that actually use tuna tubes world-wide; in your opinion, what do you think causes the poor bait quality that is seasonally predictable and occurs only during the hot summer months (water temperature 26 C and greater)? This tuna tube/bait quality problems is definitely predictable, well documented and happens every summer.
This tube/bait problem only happens in the summer when the environmental water is hottest. Maybe insufficient water flow through the tube, material, shape or water capacity of tube, poorly made tubes, hours of chronic suffocation caused from lack of oxygen (poor DO water quality) inside the tube, tails exposed to summer hot sun hour after hour, capture and tube confinement causing extreme constant physical and psychological stressors, excessive sustained production of large volumes of cortisol hormones (a toxin)… anything else?
With thousands of gallons of water being constantly pumped through any tuna tube, I believe you can rule out any/all accumulation of metabolic waste concentrating inside the tube that may be poisoning the bait fish or stripers.