Fishing Report Sunday May 3rd fishing Potomac
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    Default Sunday May 3rd fishing Potomac

    Started about 8:00 AM trolling SW of Saint Clements island, spent 5 hours trolling north and south, lot of bait and some nice marks, no bites.
    Only saw one rock lost when trying to net by lone fisherman , it looked like a keeper.
    Seems to me they should shut down Rockfish across the board for a few years, it worked well in the 80-s, think we would learn fro the past.
    When will netters stop taking whole schools out before they even make it back to the bay?

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    The gill nets completely wipe out the fish in front of my house. It feels like months for a few fish repopulate the area. The pound nets appear to be a bit more selective on the by catch. But those gill nets - uggg! Complete dead zone in their wake.

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