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    Default West River/South Creek

    This is my fourth year on the river and was looking so much to white perch fishing this spring/summer. I don't know what happened but the widgeon grass has absolutely exploded in the shallows all over south creek and upper west river. There was none the past three years. Some spots I can barely get my kayak through the dense growth. Worst of all is you can forget about fishing with spinner baits unless you can locate a small area without the grasses. Is this the case in other areas of the bay? I hear the water fowl love the stuff and it's probably good habitat for small fish and perhaps crabs. Will the grass linger throughout the summer and fall? Might make the area conducive for snakeheads as the water up here is rather fresh. After years of easy picking WP, I may be working a lot harder this year for my dinner. Y'all stay well

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    We come out of The Rhode and have had a poor perch bite last couple times out. One or two here or there but no consistency. Maybe they are keying in on grass shrimp and other crustaceans or worms and the spinner bite hasn’t picked up. As far as the grass, it is definitely thick and spreading which is good for the overall health of the bay. Tight lines!

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    I shore fish (nowadays) our creek off the South River and have for years and this season has been hit or miss. Think part is due to an odd combination of winter not getting cold enough to kill off bottom algae combined with water taking its time heating up in early spring once the bottom gunk dissipated. Last month or so has seen only one big run day, but I've been able to manage a catch of 6 - 10 keepers in the two early hours of the day I tend to fish. Shad darts spiked with grass shrimp has far outpaced beetle spins. Competition from small channel cats has also greatly increased this season.

    With the boat now history, I hope to transition form the shore to kayaking this year so news like an increase in bay grasses and early appearance of spot and specs is great to hear. Good Luck to all.

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