On June 1 and 2 I headed out of Colonial Beach down river to fish for striper.

June 1 was a light tackle trip and I ended up catching two fish in five hours. One was 21" and the other was about 16" and both came off of a rattletrap. I was fishing shallow water and current.

June 2 was a surprise. I went out to test my luck trolling. I haven't had much luck in years past but I went down to the St. Clements Island area and trolled for a while. I ended up with 8 fish in total. 2 were at 21" and one was at 24." The third keeper was the 21' fish and it went immediately back to grow up and get bigger. The rest of the fish were undersized at about 19."

I caught the fish off of different rigs and it was pretty consistent through the boat other than my fourth rod didn't have a single hit. I will be changing up that rig next time.

Made a short video of the trip. Since I was alone I wasn't able to catch the action of reeling in the fish but, not much to it when you are trolling anyways.